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The originator of the work with symbols is Carl Gustav Jung. He defined symbols as " psychological machines for the transformation of consciousness " (Jung, 1920).

The term psychic gravity

is used to describe the balance of the introverted and the extroverted personality parts.

We create conscious matter in ourselves. We have more centers,

intellectual, emotional, motoric,

and there are both instinctive and sexual, which together make up our 5 basic centers.

A man who is not harmonized,

does not use all of his centers or uses them unconsciously and very rarely.  When using them, he mostly does it through intuition and emotional reflections of some stronger emotional states, contact with conscience or higher emotional spheres.

When a person uses a higher emotional center, he mostly awakens it through allegories and metaphors. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to wake it up with a logical way of thinking.


Slavinski stated that " it is never too late to experience a happy childhood ".

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