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Method 1 is one of the most powerful tools of discreation

of CHRONIC PROBLEMS, undesirable

conditions and contents.

It thoroughly removes emotional, mental and physical pillars that maintain problem in our subjective reality.

From the so-called "included" positions, the client faces a chronic problem, and all its manifestations, which occur in the form of

  • bodily sensations ("my chest tightens", "my legs are heavy" ...)

  • thought structures

  • emotions

The Buddha said, "We become all that we resist."

Having said that, it is important to know that ACCEPTANCE is the key to liberation. While we are intensely feeling the unpleasant situation, surrendering to it and accepting it, as well as ourselves in it, polarization is already beginning, which inevitably very soon leads to liberation.

This thorough method, discreates bodily sensation by bodily sensation,

thought by thought, emotion by emotion, identity by identity, leaving

our chronic problem without the "support" with which we keep it in realm

our subjective realities.

Without these supporting elements, the problem cannot exist.


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