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Ex. 2


Deep PEAT 2 is one of the simplest methods of Spiritual Technology, which shows its importance especially in working with the so-called intellectual clients, which are characterized by markedly rationalizing and therefore less able to distinguish thoughts from emotions.
It is the distinction between thoughts and emotions that is the key to resolving some situations and removing the charge of emotional states.
It is used for quick stabilization , in people who find it harder to connect with their emotions, and at the same time have a problem controlling their expression.

Examples of application of DP2 methods :
I am insecure because I am afraid of changing jobs. The pain in my legs "drives me crazy". It annoys me a lot when my wife listens to music too loud. I get angry when someone "cuts" me in traffic. I'm afraid of water.


By purifying the above and similar conditions and reactions, DP2 increases quality of life.
By processing using the DP2 method, we get to the deepest contents of the basic problem, heading towards the opposite side of reality.
The reason for the distorted perception of oneself and the world are repressed thoughts and emotions, which, as a program, take root in the subconscious and thus determine attitudes and direct a person's activities.



The East-West method is used to eliminate unpleasant experiences related to the image fixed in subjective psychological time. By abstracting the image and transferring the emotion contained in it to the mental image of the trajectory of the sun's movement on the horizon, and guided by the manipulation of that movement, the connection between the emotion trapped in the mental image and the present moment is broken. Without that connection, the image, as well as the emotional charge,  which one  has anchored, it cannot survive in the present.

The method is very fast and efficient and allows the client the freedom of mental creation, which contributes to the feeling of strength over the situation and the problem.



Discretion is the essence of spiritual technology.

Everything we feel and think, our attitudes and beliefs, our experience of subjective reality, is a reflection of the identity we have adopted over a lifetime.  

By discretion we are liberated  "programmed" types of behavior. This is invaluable, because it is

belief = thought + emotion

With these exercises we learn that space, many emotions, thoughts, persons, objects we can manipulate at will in our own reality.

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