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Solve basic life problems and seesaws of compulsive reactions.

We live in a dualistic world, a world of polarity. We see things, beings, situations as either good or bad. This causes us to experience only half of reality. 
Our problems consist of repressed thoughts and emotions that we call "charges".
Živorad M. Slavinski developed the Deep PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) method in 1999, discovering that it helps to overcome dualistic consciousness and effectively solve basic life issues. Once the underlying internal conflicts are resolved, problems never arise again in the future. 
A unique pair of basic polarities (personal code) is characteristic of each individual. Its integration enables solving the fundamental (conscious or unconscious) problem. 

In addition to the essential polarity, there are thousands of other polarities in our subconscious, which form the structure of our consciousness. Polarity integration is one of the fastest and most basic ways to remove blockages (learned, adopted, inherited programs), which do not allow us to live our original selves.

PEAT is not oriented towards reduction, but towards elimination of the problem.

Through the chain of unconscious contents, cleaning them of emotional charges, it goes deeper and deeper into the unconscious, towards the essence of the problem. Integrating polarities and removing emotional charges, which are associated with perceived problems, enables:

  • Removing obstacles to achieving goals

  • Solving negative reactions and undesirable conditions

  • Experience higher states of consciousness

  • Improving the quality of everyday life

  • Acceleration of spiritual growth


DP 4 - Deep PEAT 4th level

Targeted neutralization of known polarities (problems, phobias) and work on creating desirable personality elements

Deep PEAT Level 4 (DP4) is a powerful method of psychological engineering.

It enables the deliberate and targeted neutralization of previously known polarities (problems that trouble us, traits that bother us, fears that prevent us from functioning).

DP4 is a powerful tool that enables:

  • elimination of fears, heavy, sad, burdensome emotions and traumatic experiences,

  • spiritual engineering, allowing the client to be the architect of his mind and design its features 

  • quick and efficient obtaining of freedom from imposed, inherited or incidentally "picked up" programs.

This is the simplest and fastest method of DEconstruction and REconstructions of oneself , that can be imagined.


A system of methods, which can be described with the sentence: "It is never too late for a happy childhood". Spiritual alchemy, which uses symbols to change the experiences of the past and the experiences of the future.

Symbols are powerful machines for transforming consciousness (Jung, 1920).

Any person who is not harmonized, no longer uses higher consciousness centers or uses them unconsciously and very rarely. When he uses them, he mostly does it through intuition and emotional outbursts triggered by some stronger emotional states.

When a person uses a higher emotional center and mostly awakens it through allegories and metaphors. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to awaken it by logical of thinking.

Transcendent changes the subjective experiences of the past and future, working in subjective psychological time.


Method One 

A method for discretizing undesirable states of consciousness, ideas about yourself and the world around you, which relies on emotional, physical and thought components of internal contents.

Method 1 is one of the most powerful tools of discreation of CHRONIC PROBLEMS, undesirable conditions and contents.

It thoroughly removes emotional, thought and physical pillars, which keep the problem in our subjective reality.

The Buddha said: "We become whatever we resist."

In that spirit, it is important to know that ACCEPTANCE is the key to liberation. While we intensely feel an unpleasant situation, surrendering to it and accepting it, as well as ourselves, polarization already begins, which inevitably very soon leads to intregration and liberation.

This thorough method, discreates bodily sensation by bodily sensation, thought by thought, emotion by emotion, identity by identity, leaving our chronic problem without the "support" by which we keep it in our subjective reality. Without those supporting elements, it cannot exist.

Methods of achieving goals

Law of Attraction not working for you? Its interpretation today contains an essential methodological error, based on the denial of the existence of opposing elements, the so-called "betas".

Many awakened people have experienced failure, trying to "vibrate and repeat affirmations". This is because there are many identities in all of us which sabotage this process.

It is therefore necessary to discreate those elements of self-sabotage (we call them "betas"), so that our goals (we call them "alphas") can be achieved. Without that, affirmations become a painful, exhausting process. Let's remember the famous Louise Hay, who passed away in a state of severe depression, confirming that she feels well while affirming, and that the periods in between are "like holes".


Goals can be CONDITIONS (present tense,"I am an excellent speaker") or CIRCUMSTANCES (future, events we want to attract). 

During work, "betas" will arise, that is, thoughts, beliefs, feelings ("I can't", "I don't deserve it", "I am afraid of it", etc.), which oppose our goal, and which represent the voices of our little selves (adaptive programs).

Only after clearing the "alphas" from subconscious self-sabotage, we start the process, in which the synergy of concentration, visualization and investment of emotions is crucial.


Integra protocol

A simple and fast method, which discreates the constituent elements of identity - points of view and goals. Suitable for a variety of everyday situations and problems.

Auxiliary methods

Numerous and varied auxiliary methods, such as DP2, the Little Magic Method, the Philippine Headache Removal Methods, and others, are used as necessary during processing, in order to clear the charges.

Deep PEAT 2 is one of the simplest methods of Spiritual technology, which manifests its importance especially in the work with the so-called intellectual clients, for whom it is characteristic that they strongly rationalize and that is why they are less able to distinguish thoughts from emotions.The distinction between thoughts and emotions is the key to solving some situations and removing the charge of emotional states. (Examples of application of DP2 methods:I am insecure because I am afraid of changing jobs. The pain in my legs is driving me crazy. It annoys me a lot when my wife listens to music too loudly. I get mad when someone cuts me off in traffic. I am afraid of water. etc).

The east-west method, is used to eliminate unpleasant experiences related to an image fixed in subjective psychological time. By abstracting the image and transferring the emotion contained in it to the mental image of the trajectory of the Sun's movement across the horizon, and guided manipulation of that movement, the connection between the emotion captured in the mental image and the present moment is broken. Without this connection, the image, as well as the emotional charge it anchored, cannot survive in the present. 

Awareness-raising exercises

Spiritual technology abounds in exercises aimed at expanding consciousness in the quantum field.

For example -exercises in discreating the subjective experience of material and immaterial reality

Discreation is the essence of spiritual technology.

Everything we feel and think, our attitudes and beliefs, our experience of subjective reality, is a reflection of the identity we have adopted during our lives. 

By discreating, we get rid of programmed behavior. This is of immesurable importance, because 

belief = thought + emotion

With these exercises, we realize that we can manipulate space, many emotions, thoughts, persons, objects at will in our own reality.


An unsurpassed system composed of several dozen mental exercises, which introduce a state of emptiness.

Universal process

By extracting the basic emotion associated with the problem and the situation (polarity), we build a seesaw of emotional opposites, with which we empty the charges of all opposing emotions.

The universal process is a simpler method, which is used by clients who do not know "what is wrong with them" and what they could change in their lives.
​After defining the initial situation (e.g. "I work too much"), we extract the basic emotion associated with the problem and the situation (polarity), and build a seesaw of emotional opposites, with which we empty the charges of all opposing emotions.

This method can be used independently, or even more often, as a supplement during processing, when the client is emotionally "stuck" in some content and it is necessary to integrate a polarity.


Integral Excalibur (Level IV Excalibur)

Integral Excalibur IV is a perfected method of spiritual transformation, which deals with identity work. Through the processes of creation, discreation and duplication, it introduces us to the final state of the observer.

Most people do not live an original, authentic life, but are governed by unconscious identities. We all have them. They arise in different situations, which are either repeated, or are of high energy/emotional intensity. The most common unconscious identities are the identity of a person who pleases others (created in childhood, in the process of education through punishment and reward), the identity of an anxious person, the identity of a person hungry for love, the identity of a hurt child...

They will do whatever it takes to justify their existence and lead you into situations of unnecessary life drama.

Each is discoverable and can easily be discreated.

You wouldn't believe how easy and beautiful life actually is, when you are freed from the "parasitic" little selves.

Trauma methods

Professor Slavinski's methods for removing trauma, the Finger Method or the East-West Method give the possibility of discreating very intense traumatic experiences in a very short time. 

Trauma is a detached part of consciousness, in which an unpleasant experience is locked. Besides being a detonator, which we are never sure when will trigger the explosion, it also takes away some of the active consciousness.

Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of extremely stressful events that destroy your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a dangerous world.

You can also feel disoriented, unlinked, scared, distrustful of other people.

It is not the objective circumstances that determine whether an event is traumatic, but your subjective emotional experience of the event. The more afraid and helpless you feel, the more likely you are to be traumatized.

Every trauma is linked to an image of the event, locked in subjective psychological time and space.

By breaking that subjective psychological time and space, it is possible, as established by Professor Slavinski, to neutralize the trauma in a time interval, which is measured in minutes.

It doesn't matter how old the trauma is, nor what its emotional potential is.

Aspectics (aspect process)

Aspectics (aspect method)  is often considered one of the most complete methods, although it is not aimed at integrating polarity. The method is excellent for solving any emotional, mental, often psycho-physical problem, which it solves through the target structure of aspects of the person himself.

By achieving goals in the domain of consciousness, the tension construction disappears.

By integrating the separated parts (aspects), a person experiences parts of himself, which he considered unpleasant and destructive, in a completely different light.

Properly performed, it brings the client into a state of unity (meune), which is quite permanent.

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