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Kristina Uhelji

Makeover Academy co-founder, graduate ecologist and makeup artist

I had an extraordinary experience. Although I am a person who tries to be in touch with my emotions, I have never experienced them with such intensity.
Already after the first session of Deep PEAT, I felt grounded


Alexander Branco Gallon Coghill

student of Composition, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad

Tamara is really ambitious and dedicated in what she does. When it comes to the session, she doesn't watch the clock and is focused on achieving the goal. Her work and her patience helped me a lot.
And, yes, she is my mother, which did not bother us at all during the sessions, because she is a combination of a professional and a caring person, as she is in everyday life.


Tamara, I love you!
You let me “disassemble” and “assemble,” while keeping a watchful eye on me as I faced a multitude of fears, ones that I feel are not mine and don’t belong to me. You were with me in some secret rooms of my subconscious and repressed memories and emotions, and I knew we would let light into them. Already after the first session, a friend with whom I spoke on the phone, told me: "You sound completely different!".

Kristina Todorović

master professor of Serbian language and literature


Jarmila Juricova Stupavska

professor of Solfeggio and Music Theory

I sincerely and warmly recommend Tamara, as a person of exceptional intuition in work, dedicated to the client, while at the same time maintaining focus and pace, not allowing me to slip off the route of travel into the core of my self. A lot of small shackles are tightening each of us, and I am freeing myself, and that is why I am very happy.


Phobias are like a dark cloud, moving so that it is always above you. Feel trapped in the shadow it creates. Tamara, in an unusual session, supported by a set of incredible events that happened around us, succeeded in what others are not - I finally feel free. Not because she told me so (she doesn't actually suggest or share advice during the session !!!), but because she encouraged me to face myself, to accept myself and my emotions, at the same time "holding my hand" soul, ”encouraging her not to give up.


Tamara is amazing!
She led me through the spaces in my soul, the subconscious, which I was not allowed to enter alone, but kept them "under lock and key".
I realized that it is okay to feel the so-called "positive" and the so-called "negative" emotions and that they don't define me. I met myself in the basement of my subconscious and realized that I could love myself unconditionally.


We all go through emotional setbacks, which upset us, make us sad, make us cry or simply make it difficult to perform daily activities. The PEAT therapeutic method was a novelty for me. As it was done remotely, via Skype, I didn’t expect too much.
However, every time, after the treatment, I was surprised by the efficiency. Strong emotional charges disappeared or remained in a significantly reduced form.
That’s why I sincerely recommend it to anyone who can’t take off their emotional burden on their own.


"Happy are those who know how to love."
Life has brought me great temptations, from the death of a loved one to a serious illness that I overcame. "Won" for the family and the surroundings, with a wide fake smile, but on a personal and mental basis far from it. The traumas, both the bigger ones and the “more subtle” ones, took a toll on me more and more turning me into a person who suffers and asks too many introspective questions, to which there were no answers. Just when I thought I was sad, scared and doomed to look back forever, my friend Tamara suggested the PEAT method to me. Without thinking, I accepted and went on that trip with her completely openly. Of course, the contribution to my openness is the unconditional respect and trust I have for Tamara. On my way, with her help, without the usual lack of air and some discomfort that I suffer, when it comes to emotion therapy, I came to self-disclosure. Yes, maybe a big word, but it is also a great success. I realized that some sorrows are there for myself and that only I can change them, with a different view of them. I got rid of my fears, traveling by method through the corridors of the past, without imposing other people's opinions, and I found my own beautiful self. I learned to love myself.


After the first treatment, I felt considerable relief. Change of thoughts, mental tensions and your feelings. It broke my blockade, which prevented me from achieving my goals. I have never experienced my emotions so strongly and authentically as during PEAT treatment.
Tamara Galonja Coghill really improves the quality of life with this method. The clearest indicator of improving the quality of my life is the release of tension, which has existed in me for a long time.

Ljupka Žunić

beauty artist

Gabriella Wissinger Milutinović


Dragan Jandrić mechanical engineering, Wels, Austria

Iva Davidovič

dipl. lawyer, senior basketball coach

Milica Krstic

graduate ecologist

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