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The life of each of us  today it takes place in a world based on the use of electricity.

Since a hundred years ago, it has been all around us, creating electro-magnetic fields, emitting electro-magnetic radiation. The beginning was at the end of the nineteenth century, in 1884, when Tesla's "Niagara Falls" generators supplied alternating current to Buffalo City. Four years later, the first AC transmission line was built between Santa Ana and Los Angeles. Today, transmission line forests are a common sight, even in urban areas.

The generation, transmission (eg transmission lines , transformer stations, home electrical installations ) and use (eg household appliances such as electric blankets, electric razors, televisions, computers and many other appliances ) of electricity results in the creation of electric and magnetic fields.

In today's world, there is not a single part that is not affected by artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation, so one of the most important issues is the issue of safe levels.



These fields and radiation affect all living things. However, every organism has a certain ability to compensate for the influence of external electromagnetic fields, which helps it to defend itself from them if necessary and survive in the environment in which it lives.


In children  the ability to defend itself is much lower than in adults. The reason is simple - the cells of their organism are constantly dividing in order for the child to grow. Cells also differentiate, creating new, different tissues. If we add to this the fact that cells are most sensitive to external influences at the very moment of division and differentiation, it is clear why children are most endangered.


The scientific literature shows that electromagnetic fields can cause  changes in normal functions:

  • nervous and cardiovascular systems

  • total metabolism

  • reproductive processes

  • brain rhythms

  • concentration

  • learning abilities

  • memory functions

  • sleep disorders



Prolonged exposure can even cause brain cancer, a disease that was extremely rare until recently, especially in children. By affecting the brain, as the conductor of an ensemble of organs, they disturb the harmony of the organism.

Not so long ago, in the time of kerosene lamps, it was unthinkable for children to sleep in a lighted space. Today, a night light in a child's room is very common. Little is known, however, that night light prevents the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for preventing the development of malignant diseases. Electro-magnetic fields and radiation have the same effect on the secretion of this valuable protective hormone.

These fields reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, which is the last  defensive  our barrier  organism. Time  increase the likelihood of infectious diseases  and the likelihood of cancer, as weakened white blood cells will not be able to recognize and destroy the altered cells of the malignant tissue that form.

Electrification of housing estates has caused an increase in cases of leukemia in children. German scientists have analyzed  a large sample of children (514 children diagnosed with acute leukemia, 1301 control children) and proved the connection between children's exposure to electromagnetic fields during the night and the occurrence of this disease.

The fear of many parents, the so-called SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) , or sudden unexplained death in the cradle, which occurs in the period up to one year of age, is typical for children who sleep in a part of the room where electric fields exceed 20 V / m. A part of the child's brain, the corpus callosum , heats up, and the rest of the body cools down abruptly.


There are high-voltage power lines, transformer stations, radio and TV transmitters, mobile telephony transmitters and many other sources of electric and magnetic fields and radiation around residential buildings.

Electricity in homes comes from the generator station, via transmission lines. Most of them consist of overhead cables, which emit magnetic and electric fields. Approaching consumers, transmission lines carry smaller charges and very often residential buildings are built next to them, to which these cables are sometimes attached. The safe distance from the transmission line is not a constant value and depends on the strength of the transmitted current. Underground cables also emit high magnetic fields, which can extend beyond the ground for significant distances. By burying the cables, both electric and magnetic fields will not be buried!

Draper report (2005), finds a twofold increase in the risk of developing leukemia in children at a distance of 100 m from the transmission line. By comparing children living at a distance of up to 200 m from the transmission line with children living at a distance of 600 m, an increase in the risk of leukemia of as much as 69% was found.  

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has also been reported in families living near power lines due to altered electrical environments.

Substations transform the voltage of long high-voltage transmission lines to the level we use in the household. Equipment inside the substation, as well as input and output cables, create electric and magnetic fields. Sometimes substations are interconnected to create a high density of magnetic fields over a wide area, affecting multiple objects, especially those with or without small front gardens.


Surveys of workers in electrical substations found an incidence of defects in newborns of 10%, as opposed to an incidence of 2.1% in families where parents were not exposed to such electric fields.

In households, people are exposed to fields originating from electric hair dryers, electric blankets, electric radiators, water heaters, televisions, music devices, radios, computers, laptops, video game consoles, vacuum cleaners, electric stoves, microwave ovens, sockets, lamps, baby monitors, washing machines and dishwashers, electric toothbrushes, timers. Electro-smog (electric and magnetic fields) in our homes is not a coincidence, but a reality.


Magnetic fields are created when current "flows" through the wire, ie when the current consumer is working and in the case of some devices may be higher than the fields that can be established below the strongest transmission lines. High magnetic fields are also emitted by devices that contain transformers (dual-powered radios, electric clocks, fluorescent lights).


These fields create electric currents in the body - the same body whose cells use the "language" of electric charges to communicate with each other and with the centers of regulation. At the moment when the relationship between signals (cellular "whispering") and noise (external fields and radiation) becomes such that cells cannot hear each other, when the brain cannot hear what is happening in the body, and its messages become overpowered by the thunder of electrons from electric blankets, radiators, connectors, cables in the walls, the body's regulatory system begins to collapse.

Electric fields are proportional to the voltage, and are present when the current "does not flow" through the wire, or when the device is only connected to the circuit, but does not work. Places where we can expect a high level of these fields are the proximity of televisions, computer monitors, light dimmer switches, aquariums. Electrical configurations (lines) in walls are often responsible for high electric and magnetic fields in our homes, schools, kindergartens. They can worsen, or even cause, a number of chronic health problems and, if left undetected, are more likely to be a source of high fields in homes than outdoor power lines.

Today, water, as a conductor of electricity, is often not located only in the "wet node" of the house, due to the central heating system, with the indispensable electric water pump.

Among the very dangerous trends are metal beds, aquariums near favorite places for relaxation (measurements indicate that they emit electric fields up to 800 V / m, which is much higher than the level that the scientific literature considers safe, which is 10-15 V / m ), brass lamps. It is obvious that many moments affect the electro-magnetic quality of our living space, some of which are visible and easy to control, while many others remain hidden. Therefore, by properly measuring these fields and radiation and detecting their sources, we can reduce the risk of developing various disorders and diseases that today's science associates with them.

Prof. Dr. Tamara Gallon Coghill

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