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We live in a dualistic world, a world of polarity. We see things, beings, situations as either good or bad. This leads us to experience only half of reality. When we are happy, misfortune disappears from our consciousness and vice versa.

Our problems consist of repressed thoughts and emotions that we call "charge".

In 1999, Živorad M. Slavinski developed the Deep PEAT method (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence), discovering that it helps to overcome dualistic consciousness and effectively solve basic life issues. Once the basic internal conflicts are resolved, problems never arise in the future. Therefore, Deep PEAT stands out from other methods of energy psychology.

A unique pair of basic polarities (personal code) is characteristic of each individual. The integration of this basic polarity enables the solution of the most basic (conscious or unconscious) problem. This is a liberating process, which leads to increased self-awareness and helps to solve all other problems faster. Integrating basic polarity is key to spiritual growth and achieving happiness and fulfillment in everyday life. Although very important, the integration of personal code is just the beginning of working with PEAT.

In addition to the essential polarity, there are thousands of other polarities in our subconscious. Together, they form the structure of our consciousness, which is based on a dualistic perception. Once the first and most important pair of dualities is integrated, it becomes easier to access and integrate other emotionally charged polarities. This process is usually accompanied by a feeling of complete peace and unity, which can hardly be explained in words. Polarity integration is one of the fastest and most basic ways to remove blockages (learned, adopted, inherited programs), which do not allow us to live our original selves.

PEAT is problem-oriented.
The problem is defined as an unwanted state of mind, which consists of an emotional charge. The emotional charge comes from our repressed thoughts and emotions. We are working on one problem per session.

PEAT is effective because it does not stay only on the surface (problem, symptom). It starts with any problem or unwanted condition, going through a chain of unconscious contents, clearing them of emotional charges. So it goes deeper and deeper into unconsciousness, according to the essence of the problem.

Integrating the polarity and remove the emotional charge associated with perceived problems, provides:

  • Removing obstacles to achieving goals

  • Resolving negative reactions and undesirable conditions

  • Experience higher states of consciousness

  • Improving the quality of everyday life

  • Accelerating spiritual growth
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