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My cognitive path went unusually - first I scientifically proved that we are energy beings, and then I found myself confined to the limits of the natural sciences, which did not allow me to ask further questions.

Professionally about me

Prof Dr Tamara Galonja Coghill

Prof. Dr. Tamara Galonja Coghill,

Peat processor and Life coach

Doctor of Biological Sciences in the field of quantum biology and subtle energies , endogenous (internal) fields and the influence of exogenous (external) fields on living beings (experimental part of the doctorate done for six years in a research laboratory in Great Britain, defended at the Faculty of Science, University of New Sad in 2005).
After I scientifically proved that we are energetic, electromagnetic beings, which function on the basis of specific vibrations, the results were published as a scientific paper in a highly ranked international scientific journal (data and link at the bottom of the text).

Aware that we are energy emanations , whose physical existence, as well as emotions, associative behaviors and thoughts, consist of frequent oscillations and vibrations of our fields, I had to explore further. And deeper. Under the body, under the organs and tissues, under the cells, under the consciousness.

Research and work in the field of energy psychology are a logical continuation of my research and work in the field of energy biology, because each person is a whole and a unity of material and immaterial.

That’s why I set out to study further and deeper. Some of us are simply born curious.

Najnovije u medijima

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Private about me

I'm Tamara. That's how I was born.

Later, I became someone very different to many people.

To my parents a daughter, to my son a son a mother, to my husband a wife, pet to my pets, to others a neighbor, a friend, a colleague, a professor, a customer, a client.

I have traveled a good part of the world, researching natural phenomena and concluded that, no matter how different they are, people everywhere are essentially the same, gentle and fragile, dear and eager for attention and kindness at their core .


They often fear that they will be judged, condemned and, worst of all, assessed as not good enough. Then they try to be like the majority , to walk and talk like the majority (there are quite a few sites that teach us how to stand, enter and exit, in order to achieve the effect of self-confidence). So people try to pretend to think like the majority, dress like the majority, be seen in places that the majority considers popular, buy pets that, if they are not already exotic, should at least be in .

In doing so, they dim the colors of their soul. Its true colors.

And I, like I said, am Tamara. I was born loving living beings. Including myself.

There is no reason to change that.

Tamara Galonja Coghill

Coghill, R. and Tamara Galonja-Coghill (2000): Viability of Human Lymphocytes exposed to Endogenous Electric Fields of the Donor, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Informa Healthcare, Jan 1, 2000, Copyright © 2000, Informa Healthcare,  doi: 10.1081 / JBC-100100295, ISSN: 1536-8378, Vol. 19, no. 1  : Pages 43-56,
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