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Why Spiritual Technology and Energy Psychology (STEP)

Because you deserve a life of ease, freedom, limitlessness, self-confidence, love and security.

Your birthright is to live without fear, insecurity, restlessness, depression, the feeling that you are small and worthless, invisible, replaceable, insufficient.

Returning to the original SELF, which is joyful, playful, curious, mischievous, witty is the way you want to go. Sleep peacefully again, wake up joyfully, move freely, feel safe.

If you have:

  • traumatic experiences, fears, insecurities, which prevent you from living a full life and feeling satisfaction

  • beliefs that you are not good enough, interesting enough, beautiful enough 

  • fears that you will not succeed in something, that you will not be accepted, that you must not take a stand, speak your mind and live your true authentic SELF

these methods are for you.

STEP methods successfully resolve mental programs, which inhibit normal functioning, in the basic spheres of life, in the family, business and social.

Tamara Galonja Coghill
  Dr sci in the field of bio-electromagnetism, quantum biology and subtle energies
Life coach - Certified International Spiritual Technology Trainer

Imagine you have no problems



Immediate and extended family function according to their own different rules. What they have in common is -You.

The usual structure of family relationships is connectedness, reliance on others, expectations, responsibilities. But to what extent? It is very easy to forget who you really are, because you play many intended roles- child, parent, brother, sister and many others. You adapt your self to each individual. STEP methods successfully solve the problem of shaky identity, and thus conflict situations with family members. You will free yourself from feeling responsible for other people's expectations, guilt, worry and persistence in grief.


Although it is common, it is not natural to be "in a frenzy" and afraid of yourself and others at work. There are common expressions in every workplace - I don't know where I'm hitting, I don't know where my head is, I'm going crazy, I'm not feeling well from..., I can't do it anymore, I can't wait for the weekend, I'm in a rush...

STEP methods ground you and connect you with your true self, which is decisive, knows what it does and doesn't want, is curious and fun, believes in positive outcomes and has self-confidence.


Social distancing is a consequence of virtual networking. Direct interpersonal contacts and relationships are starting to pose a problem for many. ​If your social life is not what you would like it to be, various STEP methods will help you in this, as a tool to build your self-confidence, accept your uniqueness and get rid of the fear of the opinions of the environment.

And now you realize that you don't have to have them

If you want something, it means you don't have it.
Between yourself and whatever you desire is fear.

Thus everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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